We would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone that will be coming to attend our 7th Annual Wagmatcook Aboriginal Arts & Culture Festival scheduled for October 11-13, 2017 at the beautiful Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre.

It is always such a great feeling to bring together people from many communities into our yearly event that strives to share as much information about our Mi’kmaw people.  Through the arts and cultural components that we offer through our workshops, keynote presentations and subject matter experts, we aim to educate both locals and tourists from around the world on the many important traditional teachings of our people.  We invite you to come and share in these teachings, try our traditional foods, dances, songs and stories… we hold out our hands, ready to help and guide you through the experience we hope will tell a first-hand the story of the Mi’kmaw people of this land.

During Mi’kmaw History Month, we are proud to come together to celebrate our heritage and history and to share our culture with all who would like to learn more about our people.  Each year we host hundreds of students from the various local schools to help enrich their knowledge of the first people’s of this land.  We would like to also thank all of our sponsors and contributors and look forward to showing everyone our new projects this year including the Peter Frank Bernard Memorial Music Project.  Peter Frank Bernard was a well-known local musician and community member of Wagmatcook who tragically passed away in a house fire in 1981, just two short years after releasing his first and only album entitled “Souriquois Visions” in 1979.  The Wagmatcook Arts & Culture Festival has decided to bring his music back to life by bringing together 5 musicians that will replay his entire album live at the closing ceremonies. We are very excited and proud of all of the performers on this project and invite you to join us for the evening dinner style banquet show on October 14th.

Wela’lioq (Thank you all),

Chief Norman Bernard

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